What are the Causes of Brain Damage?

Brain damage or Brain Injury is the destruction of the brain cells. Brain damage is caused either due to the internal factors or external factors. In this there are two types

Traumatic Brain Injury: This is the injury caused due to the external factors or outside sources, like a hit or sudden blow on the head causes damage to the brain.

Acquired Brain Injury: This is the injury caused due to the tumors or any nerve illness or nervous disorder.

Both of these injuries occur after birth, severe injuries may lead to permanent disability or impairment or may lead to coma.

Mild injuries may be temporary which leads to headaches, memory problems. Moderate injuries can be a bit longer compared to mild injuries, but in both cases patients can be recovered after certain time. Whereas in severe injury, patient may be permanently become disabled person and suffer for lifetime.

There are several causes for brain damage depending on the nature and force of the impact.

  • A severe blow causes brain damage either at one place or at multiple points.
  • It can cause damage to the brain through blood clots and by bleeding or swelling.
  • Falling down from bed or from steps or from any high place causes traumatic brain injury.
  • Spots in the brain internally cause acquired brain injury.
  • Slipping and falling down from vehicles, accidents, wounds caused thus, also lead to traumatic brain injury.

Some complications occur due to traumatic brain injury. The injuries sometimes leads to damage to the nerves thus leading to paralysis, blurred vision, etc, damage to blood vessels, memory loss, causes problems related to mental processing, causes problem to brain functioning etc.