How Important are Communication Skills to Students?

The ability to communicate is the primary factor that distinguishes human beings from animals. Communication starts from school after home. Communication is important to students in reading, writing and listening. Communication is important between teacher and student and also among the students. The students will not be able to understand what the teacher is saying in the classroom without communication.

Teachers need to encourage the students to develop communication in the classroom with group discussions and debates or class room discussion. When a student is able to explain the concept to someone else – that learning is said to be the best learning.

When students listen to each other, then they will benefit from hearing the explanations from their fellow students which helps them to think differently from different points.

Open ended questions and higher level thinking questions are the best ones to develop students thinking and communicating their ideas. Teachers should avoid maximum yes or no questions and short answer questions.

Debate is another way to develop communication skills. Debates encourage different types of responses, different types of arguments through which helps the students learn convincing arguments. It also makes the teachers know about the knowledge or interest of the students about certain topics.

If students can communicate well, they can understand what the teacher says and then can let the teacher know whether the students need any additional help.

Communication is also important to interaction between you and your friends. So that you can clarify some doubts.

Communication helps the students to respond to a question and to clarify the doubts.

In communication the students will be listening to others conversation and this should not only be limited to classroom but also to normal conversation which helps them to respect others while speaking by not interrupting the speaker.

Communication skills are very important for each student because it can make or break their career.