Options and Methods for People Who Need Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become so popular and many people opt for teeth whitening technique to obtain white and bright teeth. The basic ingredient used in most of the teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide which actually bleaches the enamel and makes the teeth look whiter than before. People who have stained teeth caused by outside factors such as coffee, tobacco and food dyes. Such people need to have teeth whitening method to whiten their teeth. Before dentist determines and employs a teeth whitening method a professional cleaning must be done in order to determine the true color of your teeth.

Some Teeth whitening options are:

In office bleaching:
This procedure is performed in a dentist’s office which can be completed quickly and takes about an hour. This technique is expensive but gives immediate and best results.

Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels:
This method is effective but takes long time to achieve the desired results to show whitening. Whitening gels are peroxide based that can be applied directly to the teeth with a small brush. These trays are usually worn couple of hours a day and requires 3 days to few weeks to notice the results.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste:
The toothpaste can remove the stains on the surface because of mild abrasives they contain. Some teeth whitening toothpaste have chemicals that acts as stain removers and polishing agents which are more effective than regular toothpastes.

Teeth Whitening Strips:
They are inexpensive but easy to use and gaining its popularity. Teeth whitening strips may take loner time period to produce the results compared to other methods. The results will be obtained based on the peroxide content.

Natural Teeth Whitening Products:
There is no need to visit a dentist for natural teeth whitening systems. The products can be found at home including lemon juice, wood ash, baking soda, mouthwashes, whitening chewing gum to naturally whiten your teeth.

There are different teeth whitening methods available which may vary depending on the effectiveness and cost. People undergo teeth whitening to make their teeth appear in white color rather than dull gray or yellowish appearance.