Different Material Choices for a Garden Greenhouse

miniature gardenGreenhouse is a structure built especially for growing plants protecting them from extreme weather conditions. It has specific features which ensures an ability to control the temperature. Hence, fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs, etc. can be grown irrational to the seasonal variations. If you are interested to erect one such greenhouse garden to your house, then consider the different materials used for it.

The material choices for a garden greenhouse is very huge. People often use aluminum, galvanized steel or wood to support the greenhouse. However, plastic pipes are also used but they do not offer great strength and do not withstand strong winds and snow loads. Pressure treated lumber provides the greenhouse structure enough support and in turn life Full spectrum Led lightsexpectancy. Wood is also used as a flooring material as it looks good and is also durable.

Glass, fiberglass and acrylic plastic are the three common covering materials used for building a greenhouse. Glass often gives a beautiful visual appeal and is also easy to maintain. However, it requires a very strong frame to keep it in place. Also, there are chances that the glass coverings or frames may get broken. The other preferable option is fiberglass. It is light in weight, strong, clear and translucent. It also shows the same level of light penetration as that of glass.

miniature gardenThinner plastic sheets of different thicknesses can also be used for greenhouses. It is an inexpensive option of getting greenhouse covering. They are also light in weight, but they cannot last longer as glass. A PVC film can only last for about five years. In addition to these, double layered and rigid acrylic plastic or polycarbonate sheets are the other materials used for greenhouse construction. They provide better insulation, protection and also light penetration. Consider your affordability and other preferences and choose the appropriate material for your garden greenhouse.