What are the Various Areas of Applications of Automation Systems

Many industries have shifted to automation in manufacturing process to increase the demand in flexibility and convertibility. Digital electronics are also most helpful to generate accurate results and provide a good scope for sophisticated systems.

Automated Manufacturing: An application of automation that refers to produce things in the factory way. The advantages of automated manufacturing are reduced lead times and handling, accurate work flow, high consistency and good quality.

Automation systems are very crucial for all kinds of consumer products that range from
home appliances to automobiles.

The automobile industry uses automation to develop robot devices that are controlled by computers.

The petroleum industry uses automatic control apparatus that helps in refining the petroleum. It exemplifies a manufacturing operation through a continuous process by handling the continuous flow of materials.

The iron and steel industry uses automation to control a large number of operations.

The automatic process operates the blast furnaces by which iron ore is reduced to pig ore. Automatic instruments are used to measure the composition of the gases released by the blast furnaces.

Automated systems are used in banking sectors that requires an analysis of data, verifying checks, bank transactions like verifying balance in accounts, electronic banking systems include automated teller machines that are located at different places such as shopping malls, business and company buildings to carry out bank operations with visiting to a bank.

Automation systems are widely used in different sectors to establish an automatic work efficiently and accurately.