Know about Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile users are increasing very fast day by day. In present days every one is using mobile phone. Many people are using mobile phone as a part of ad servertheir basic necessary items, with out mobile phone many people can not imagine their life. People are using their mobiles for many services, due to this businesses are using it as a major advertising tool to promote their business.

Business are using mobile marketing in two ways
1. Text messaging
With this text messaging, vendor can send their business ads to the potential customers. In this the advertising provider gives an “opt in” message to the customer. Once the customer has opted your mobile advertisement, the business owner can send text messages ads to the customer. This type of mobile advertising is very useful for sending coupons and limited discount offers.
For example: It helps restaurants to send text message for weekend and special days offers in travels, shopping malls, etc.

2. Search Engine Mobile MarketingAd server
In this mobile marketing, the business ads appear on the search pages. When the customer is searching for a particular item of internet, this ads will appear based on the search keyword. In this the business subscribe for search engine database. The search engine provider charges some amount of money to place business ads on the search page. If the customer clicks on the ad, it will automatically redirect them to your company website.

Text advertising is gaining more popularity than the search engine mobile advertising in small businesses. Because it requires less cost to implement in a business as compared to the search engine advertising.