The Best Summer Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Miniature plantsIt is required to maintain your garden throughout the year to retain the beauty. Most of us think that the hot and sweltering weather of summer creates a havoc to the garden plants. However. specific flowering plants make your garden more beautiful in summer.

Shrubs with thick foliage and lush growth are the best additions for summer garden. Butterfly bushes, hydrangea, unusual legumes, attractive chestnuts are some of the popular flowering plants which can be grown. Even, vines creeping up pergolas and decks, or cascading over balconies add new dimension to the garden. They are beautiful and wonderful additions to the summer garden.

You can even plant some annuals that grow and bloom only in one season. They then die or re-seed themselves. It is better to reap instant blossoms with such annuals for your summer garden. Cosmos which are though planted as perennials are better to be planted as annuals and removed after theminiature garden blooming season. The white or magenta flowers of the plant attract more butterflies and bees bringing beauty to the garden. Vibrant shades or orange and yellow marigolds, different colors and shades of newer hybrid petunias give a whimsical look to the garden. However, it is necessary to remove the dead blossoms regularly for continued blooming. Even, some perennial plants which return to bloom each season make your garden beautiful in summer. Turk’s-cap lily and blue hill or salvia are some of the perennial flowering plants for your garden. Geranium is the best perennial which is a real showpiece for the garden. Choose any of these flowering plants and design a proper place for them for your summer garden.