Mexico Attracting More Supplier Investments

Vehicle manufacturing in Mexico has increased rapidly in 2011, many car manufactures are exporting their vehicles from Mexican plants. The total production for light vehicles and passenger cars for 2011 has increased considerably. Major car manufacturers in US like Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, etc. are exporting their products from Mexican plants.

Industry experts say that Mexico is becoming a magnet to supplier investments as the investments by various car manufacturers in Mexican plants is increasing.

Additionally, the manufactures in Mexico are getting domestic marketing benefits, besides getting benefits of easy exporting to other states. The manufactures of Mexican plants are also getting the marketing benefits of South America and Brazil.

Less labor expenses and increasing facilities of call center, IT development, BPO are becoming very helpful to manufactures in logistics management. For 2012, major car manufacturers in Mexico are spending more for boosting their productions and some manufacturers are planning to open new plants there in future years.