Alcoholic Death Rate worst Among People of Barrow

The alcohol death rate is increasing day by day. One more state stood worst among the UK, for accounting maximum number of alcohol related deaths. Barrow is one of the countries having highest rates of alcohol related illness and death.

A report was recorded by the Local Alcohol Profiles for England, which examines the drinking habits all across the country and found a range of factors which have negative effects on people’s lives and what makes the people to abuse alcohol.

Their report showed that Barrow is the eighth worst area in the country which has maximum number of men dying from liver disease and stood at fourth for women. Barrow is particularly bad for the deaths from chronic liver diseases, with rates of 26.9 per 100000 in men and 14.7 per 100000 in woman are dying. Apart from these, alcohol related deaths are worst which include every death related to alcohol. 23.6 out of every 100,000 deaths in males and 12 out of every 100,000 deaths in women are directly related to alcohol.

The reports estimated that on an average a male would live for 13.5 months longer and woman 6.7 months longer if all the alcohol related deaths are prevented.

Similarly, Cumbria in the North West, is said to be pretty high for drinking which is much higher than the national average. Many places in Cumbria have an traditional of striving hard and drinking hard to forget that hard work.