What Does Online Display Advertising Include?

Considering the effective means of marketing and advertising is important to impart success to a company. Online advertising is an effective and most affordable way of advertising. Online display advertising among the various types of online advertising is popular today.ad serving

Online display advertising includes various forms. The special characteristic of online display ads is that they contain text, images and animation. Banner ads are the more commonly used display ad forms. They may contain static or animated images with audio or video elements. Display advertisements may also include a form of block of space on the side. These various forms of online display ads can be displayed in such a way that they are attractive to drag the customer’s view.

The advertisements can be designed in various sizes and shapes. Some of the popular sizes include leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels), banner (468 x 60 pixels), half-page (300 x 600 pixels), skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels or 160 x 600 pixels for wide skyscraper), square button (or tile) (125 x 125 pixels) and medium rectangle (300 x 250 pixels). Certain guidelines are set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) regarding the size of these online display advertisements.

The other forms of online display ads include text ads and pop-up ads. Text ads simply contain a text message with a link that sends a consumer to theadserver website when clicked. Pop-up ads are the advertisements which load between two content pages. However, very less people click on these ads.

The interactive and interesting interpretation of online display ads rises the chance of the customers to view the ads and thereby get the detailed
information of the respective products or services given in the advertisement. Most of the companies, even small businesses have been using online display advertisements to improve their brands in the market.