Multi-panel Dip Cards for Instant Drug Detection

Multi-panel drug test dip cards or multi-panel strips are one of the most popular tools to detect the drug use using urine specimen. They are available in a wide variety ranging from 2 panel to 12 panel drug test strips. They can effectively detect different combination of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, meth and so on. Depending on the combination you choose they can identify the presence of drug metabolites. Any one can easily conduct self tests and it is also easy to conduct drug tests for other person using these drug test kits. They are user friendly and also give accurate results within no time.

Multi-panel drug tests strips or dip cards offer a easy way of finding drug abuse. Some are provided with the specimen collection cup and some without. In case there is no collection cup included you can use any non-metallic container to collect the specimen in order to move forward with the testing process. Also make sure that the collected specimen in not less than 30 ml, so that your strip dips into it properly. After the urine is collected the strip has to be removed from the sealed pouch and it has to be dipped into the sample. Make sure that specimen is not above the maximum level as marked on the strip.

You can read the results directly from the strip from the result panel provided on the strip. For different panels, the result display is different and we need to read the results for each panel.
From the results we can interpret the presence of different drugs in the provided sample. However, it is important to follow the instructions before conducting the drug test in order to get accurate results. As these kits are small and of light weight, they can be carried to any location with much ease. They are less expensive when compared to other drug tests and hence make our purchase worthy when purchased in bulk from wholesale retailers.