Want to Know the Link Between Substance Abuse and Crime?

Substance abuse and crime are often linked together. It’s forbidden to use, handle, purchase and sell illicit drugs and hence, dealing with them makes people to face legal issues. Criminal activities can include driving under the influence of alcohol, domestic violence, robberies, etc.

It is known that drugs and alcohol impairs several functions like coordination and balance, concentration, memory, etc. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs rises these issues and results in fatal accidents. Hence, drugged and drunk driving is strictly criminal. However, the blood alcohol concentration of about 0.08 percent is found to be the legal limit for drinking. The department of transportation has been strictly warning regarding driving with the effect of alcohol and illicit drugs.

In addition, substance abuse even makes people more aggressive and irritated. Also, they often are observed with sudden mood changes. These conditions make them more prone to violence and criminal activities. Many domestic violence cases have been seen in the United States because of the drug addicts. Individuals habituated to illicit drugs try to hide their behavior. They are found associated with robberies and steal money and other valuable properties at home and other places in order to get money for purchasing drugs.

It is known from various studies that there is a strong link between drug abuse and criminal behavior. Decreased perception of social supports and decreased social network of the abused people is considered one of the main reasons for this. Even certain sociological factors such as living conditions, family, marital status, employment and mental health are responsible for the criminal behavior of the drug and alcohol addicts. It is hence, found that substance abuse and crime always are found to go hand in hand. This has to be avoided to decrease the number of substance users and also the criminal activities in the society.