Know Use of Yoga for Hair Care

Yoga is an ancient form of fitness exercise which is proved effective for many disorders. It may sound interesting to know that yoga can be used to treat hair problems. Hair fall is a major problem for both men and women of this generation. Many people either tried the hair care by applying things to the hair form outside or by consuming things which are helpful to hair growth. But with out using any of the above forms is it really possible to treat our hair problems using yoga, might be the question in every body’s mind. The answer is definitely ‘yes’.

Yoga cures the root cause which causes the hair fall or any other hair problems like the early hair graying. It was found that many hair problems are due to the irregular blood supply to the scalp. So yoga tries to solve the problem from that angle. There are several poses, asanas and breathing techniques designed for treating hair fall in yoga.

Yoga postures used for treating hair fall are generally in the inverted direction. These kind of postures helps in the increased blood supply to the hair follicles in the scalp. This helps in converting gray hair back to its natural color and delays the onset of gray hair.

These asanas also produce increased flexibility to the neck which helps in removing pressure from the blood vessels and nerves in the neck. This in turn helps the scalp muscles to relax and thus promotes healthy hair growth.

Stress is also a main cause for the hair fall in many people. Meditation in yoga helps in relieving the stress making the mind calm and quiet. These kind of relaxation techniques makes the mind free from all the tensions and thus nourishing the hair promoting stronger and thicker hair follicles.

Along with the poses and the breathing techniques the yoga trainers will also teach us some diet habits which when followed helps to achieve complete solution from hair fall and other hair problems.