Types of Stoves Based on Fuel Consumed

A stove is an enclosed heated space which means an enclosed space in which fuel is burned to provide heating. A kitchen stove is a device which produces heat and this heat is used for cooking the food. Stoves run by consuming different fuels and below are the list of the stoves which uses different fuels:

Electric Stoves:
These are the stoves which produces heat with the help of electricity and they are easy to use. They often have flames that are created from electricity. They have heating material and the process of heating is controlled by thermostat. Generally they are free standing and and do not need to be vented.

Wood Burning Stoves:
Wood stoves produce heat by burning wood. They give authentic flames and heat and crackles. As the burning of wood releases smoke and ash they need to be vented properly.

Gas Stoves:
These stoves use gas for producing the heat and they provide benefits similar to the wood stoves. They are not free standing as they need to be vented and the residue from the burning of natural gas needs to be transported out of the stove for efficiency and safety reasons. It is also difficult to install a gas stove.

Pellet Stoves:
The pellet stoves are available in different sizes, some are vented and some are free standing. All pellet stoves are powered by some type of pellet or round ball that is burned to produce heat. Major benefit of these stoves is they do not need to be vented and also they are good sources of heat.

Other types of stoves like the stoves which run on coal, oils are also available but their use depends on the safety of using them, clean burning and also the availability of fuel used in them.