Know about the Importance of Birthday Cakes

Birthday is a special time to celebrate. Every person desires to celebrate his/ her birthday in a memorable way. A birthday is a special day in an individual’s life. Birthday is a first day of another 365 days of life and every person celebrate it with the hope that for the next 365 days, they will be happy. Many people feel this is a celebration party for their achievements and growth in the past year. Birthday celebration is a tradition which is observed in all cultures throughout the world. The tradition of celebrating birthday has been coming from decades ago. In birthday celebration the center of attraction is cutting of birthday cake. Every person loves to cut birthday cake. Today birthday celebrations without birthday cake is out of imagination. People can not imagine their birthday party without cake cutting. People celebrate birthday irrespective of their age and all celebrate it with same enthusiasm. They eagerly look forward to the next. Children’s especially look forward to them and they enjoy a lot on birthdays. They have fun and play games together. On birthdays the entire room is decorated with balloon and ribbons, which will create a joyful atmosphere.

The blowing of candles and cutting of birthday cake is a part of birthday tradition. There are many folklores on birthday and birthday cakes. The famous folklore is that, if one blows all the candles on the cake in one blow, it brings good luck. Another one is that, if one wishes any thing while blowing candles and all the candles are extinguished in one blow then it is sign that the wish will come true. Different cultures have different folklores. Cutting the cake symbolizes that the person will get some good luck in feature by blowing all candles.