Facilities Management Functions within Business & Support Services

Every business has its own goals, objectives and principles, without which it cannot run. The goals, objectives and pricinciples associated with facilities management are:

a) Goals & Objectives

  • Increasing its business development and support network thus improving job creation;
  • Ensure good governance through a uniform approach and maximize benefits; and
  • Improve management efficiency and effectiveness so that facilities are well managed and maintained.

b) Principles

I. Scale: Using with the existing facilities and largest number of people to extend business support services.

II. Outreach: To ensure business support services through the existing facilities are extended to reach under-served areas, markets and particularly the poor and disadvantaged.

III. Impact: To ensure business support services through the existing facilities result in viable, self-sustaining enterprises whose growth can contribute to alleviating poverty.

IV. Cost-effectiveness: Efficiently and effective utilization of resources by allocating to existing and new facilities. Effective utilization of resources reduce the cost.

V. Sustainability: To ensure business support services and benefits through the existing facilities continue for as long as possible.

Abiding by the above goals, objectives and principles, will lead to the achievement of success.