Know About the Mechanics and Working of Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are the sources of the heat and they can produce about 5000 BTUs of heat. An electric fireplace has a mantle just like a traditional fireplace. It can have fake logs and fake flames that do actually look realistic. An electric fireplace do not require any maintenance. There is no ash and no chimney to clean.

When the fireplace is plugged into an electrical socket, the metal coils present in the electric fireplace will heat up automatically, the heat produced by the coils are distributed to the whole room by a fan inside the electric fireplace which is sometimes referred to as a blower motor. The fan makes very little noise. The electric fireplaces are 100 percent heat efficient because no heat is wasted. The other advantage of these fireplaces are, they are cool to touch because heat is conducted through the coils. Electric fireplace produces flickering light which is achieved by using refracted light in a random three dimensional pattern and the refracted light works by using regular light bulbs

The electrical fireplace do not require any vents, flues or chimneys and cast iron fire peg. These fireplace comes in different styles, shapes, designs and they can be made from different materials, such as wood, marble and cast iron. Imitation logs are probably the most popular accessories present in the electric fireplaces.

An electric fireplace is an attractive and the best alternative for a traditional fireplace. Low maintenance and 100 percent efficiency make them great for any lifestyle as well as friendly for the environment.