The Rights of Online Shoppers

Online shopping became a fact of the life and the percentage of the online shoppers increased tremendously in recent past and is expected to increase further in coming years. The customers have some rights while purchasing goods and services online. The below are the rights of the online customers:

  • The online customers have the same rights when they buy the goods in a shop. The products are to be safe and they should be of acceptable quality and fit for their intended purpose.
  • The item should be described and the customers can ask for money back if it is defective.
  • The retailer must provide the information about the goods and he should provide the written confirmation for the all purchases made by the customers.
  • The customers can cancel the purchases within seven days from the date of making the purchase and get the full refund. Supplier must provide the customer with details of cancellation rights and any duty to return.
  • Under the distance selling regulations, the customers have right to change mind at any time, return the goods and get a full refund without financial penalty of any kind.
  • Under a distance selling contract, a supplier has no right to make refunds in the case of the goods being returned unopened in their original packaging.
  • If there are any unauthorized cuttings from the bank account while making online purchases the customer has the right to get the sum from the card issuer.
  • The customer has the right to complain with the Federal Trade Commission if any thing goes wrong in online shopping and get the problem solved.