Know About the Electric Car Nissan Leaf

The electric car runs with the electric motors. These cars are a plug in battery powered automobile, and are eco friendly. Popular brands in the electric cars include the Baker Electric, the Rauch and Lang, and the Detroit Electric. Nissan leaf is an electric hatch back and is the first of all the electric cars offered in the United States by a popular auto maker. Federal government for combined city and highway driving rated the Leaf at Gasoline equivalent of 99 miles per gallon and it is the best for those who are concerned about the oil prices, environment.

The features of the Leaf are it has 80-kilowatt AC electric motor, it generates 107 horsepower, torque is 207 foot pounds, wheelbase of 106.3 inches and its curb weight is 3366 pounds. It can accommodate five passengers, and its mileage is 106 mpg in city driving and 92 mpg on the highway. It takes 7 hours to charge the battery full, and the maximum feasible range for fully charged Leaf is 130 miles. Optional quick charge port, allows for the battery to get charged to 80 percent of capacity in about half an hour.

The starting price of the Nissan Leaf is $33,600 including destination charges. Some states offers incentives and rebates for electric cars, and a taxpayer can claim a $7,500 federal tax credit for purchasing a Leaf.

The manufacturers of Leaf, delivered only 106 units in US, 981 units in Japan by the end of January and is planning to increase the speed of delivery to the customers.