How to Detect Heroin Addicted People?

Heroin is a highly addictive illegal drug used most commonly in the United States. It acts as a depressant and hence inhibits the central nervous system. Many health risks are associated with the use of heroin. Pulmonary complications, collapsed veins, infection in heart, and liver diseases may be caused by long-term use of heroin. It is therefore necessary to detect the drug addicts in early stages. Some of the signs and symptoms help in detecting heroin addicts.

  • As the drug is a narcotic, the user often suffers from constipation.
  • You can also check for occurrence of vomiting, loose motion, joint aches, fever, chills, and muscular twitching.
  • Eating habits are indicators for detecting the drug addict. Heroin suppresses appetite and the addict does not feel like eating anything.
  • Sleeping actions also change. A heroin addict cannot sleep at night.
  • The addicts have dilated pupils in bright light and pin-pointed pupils in the dark. Redness of eyes can make it easy to identify the drug user.
  • You can identify a heroin addict by checking the presence of any pin pricks or abscesses on fore arms or legs.
  • Frequent changes in mood are observed in the drug users. Violent behavior may be seen in some people.
  • The addicts feel to separate themselves from their friends, family and other people. They try to avoid going to school or workplaces.
  • Hyperactivity and anxiety may be seen in heroin users.
  • Lack of physical coordination is also an indication for heroin addiction.

When you identify a heroin addict by these symptoms, it is better to advise him to take proper treatment immediately.