Marijuana Abuse May Cause Depression

Marijuana, the most commonly used illicit drug, causes dangerous effects on mental health of an individual. Altered pulmonary status, dry mouth, redness of eyes, reduced muscle strength, increase in heart rate, headache, and decreased coordination are some of the physical side effects of marijuana. The drug causes more mental side effects when compared to the physical ones.

Hallucinations, sedation, confusion, paranoia, depression, anxiety and panic, aggressiveness and loss of memory are some of the mental effects of marijuana on a person. Marijuana users are found to have lack of motivation. They are not motivated to anything whether it is in school, work, or family.

Students are more easily prone to marijuana addiction due to peer pressure. Continuous marijuana use by students impairs their learning and memory skills. So they get lesser grades when compared to others. The other students in schools try to avoid friendship with them. Skipping school and fighting with co-students is common among marijuana addicted students. All these reasons are responsible for cause of depression in students. They avoid going to school and talking to others. Drug testing conducted randomly at schools can help in decreasing marijuana addiction in students.

Chronic marijuana use leads to psychiatric problems. It is found that women are five times more likely to experience depression and anxiety by regular marijuana consumption. Marijuana addiction among employees results in lack of motivation, lack of job satisfaction and depression. Depression is associated with suicidal thoughts and feelings of boredom. Marijuana drug testing including saliva drug test, hair drug test, and urine drug test are to be conducted for such depressed people at home. Necessary behavioral therapies are to be given for avoiding further mental problems.