Know About the Electric Fireplace Logs

Electric fireplace logs are made from oak or birch wood. Actually the fireplace inserts give a simulation of real burning logs, which is because of placing an electrical device in fireplace logs. Electrical fireplace logs provide a warm and homely ambiance to any room in which it is placed.

There is a heating unit beneath the logs which has a built-in thermostat to control the temperature. Depending on the heat emitted and the ambiance created, there are mainly three types of electric fireplace logs, viz. vent less logs, vented logs and partially vented logs. These logs are used in gas heaters also.

Electric fireplace logs are of different styles and types. Some of them are:

Crackling electric fire logs:
Crackling electric fire logs are a type of electric fire logs, that makes crackling sound similar to the real fire like in traditional fireplace logs. These have a mechanism installed inside the log to create a crackling sound. It also has an electric bulb installed inside to produce the glow of a real fire.

Electric Log Heater:
This type of log heater contains a built-in thermostat that allows to control the temperature at all times. It produces the desired warmth in the room.

Electric Fireplace Inserts:
These are great for using in an existing fireplace. Simply put the unit inside existing fireplace and it is ready to use.

Some of the benefits of electric fireplace logs are:

  • It is easy to install and there is no need for a chimney or a vent. It is safe to install electric fireplace logs compared to traditional fireplaces, as there are problems of inhaling poisonous smokes.
  • The logs simulate flames which gives appearance of a real fire.
  • An electric fireplace log is more energy efficient than others because of the thermostat settings inserted in to them.
  • Other benefit of an electric fireplace log is that one can enjoy the visual effects similar to a real fire in summer months by turning off the heat.