Impact of Marijuana Drug Abuse on Teens

Marijuana is one of the most illegal drugs. It has many negative effects on the body. Day by day the number of people, who are using marijuana are increasing. They include adults, women and teens.

Generally teens, who are in depression use marijuana in order to be free from depression and avoid problems. But they are not aware of the negative results of the marijuana drug. It tends to increase such problems instead of solving them, further making them more addicted to it.

Marijuana abuse influences the teen’s educational and extra-curricular activities and more. Loss of memory and inability to learn, distorted perceptions, and declined problem-solving skills, low coordination, increased depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies, these are the short term effects of the marijuana abuse. It also causes some behavioral problems and mental diseases as well. Smoking marijuana can also cause cancer. It increases the blood pressure and rate of the heart beat. Smoking marijuana, in the long run, may cause lung infections and diseases like pneumonia.

Marijuana drug test is the test, which can detect the presence of the marijuana in the body. Parents or school administrators can conduct the marijuana drug test to find out the drug abused teens. If it is found out in the early stage, precautions can be taken in order to save teens from marijuana drug addiction. Parents should observe the behavioral changes of teens to know about their drug usage.

Hence marijuana drug test is useful to save the teens from effects of marijuana abuse and addiction.