Know About Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry were developed and fine tuned from many centuries after getting inspired by jewelry making traditions and methods. Now a days a number of pieces or designs of Celtic jewelry are available in the market.

Though many people think that Celtic rings, such as Claddagh rings, are most prominent, there are other types of Celtic jewelry too, like earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces which are made in different styles used by the Celts.

People can find two types of Celtic jewelry in the market. One is the inexpensive pieces of jewelry which are mass produced and have symbols on them. Such symbols look like Celtic symbols. The second type is manufactured using expensive metals. They are considered more authentic as they are created by expert artists in Ireland or Scotland. They also last longer and thus are preferred by most of the buyers.

You can find a number of common symbols on the authentic Celtic jewelry which also includes special knots, pentacles, Celtic crosses or symbols of animals. Each of these symbol represents something. These symbols on the jewelry makes them ascertain for being used as wedding or engagement rings.

Celtic jewelry is made of many different metals. The common metal is gold and now titanium is also used commonly for long lasting. Platinum can also be used in manufacturing finer types of the Celtic jewelry. The fashion of using gemstones like diamonds, emeralds is also becoming popular these days.