Know About Types of Educational Software

There are many types of software which are used in many fields for the development. Out of the computer software which are useful, educational software is one which is used for self learning and teaching.

By using the educational software, one can learn themselves without a teacher and one can assist himself or herself apart from the lecturer. Sometimes, they are also used by the teacher for teaching the lessons.

There are different types of educational software which are used. Some of them are as follows.

  • Courseware: Apart from the other educational software which are used for the learning. The Courseware is another educational software which is used for providing extra material for the teachers, trainers, for students. It will be used as the additional educational material. The course materials are available in different forms like html pages, pdf files as well as the document files. Thus, courseware is the combination of course with software is a type of e-learning software.
  • Children’s Learning: This type of software is used for children both for fun as well educational purposes. Some are used for obtaining the numeracy and the literacy skills.
  • Edutainment: For both entertainment as well as for educational purposes, the edutainment software will be used. This software includes even the games which are used for the studies.
  • Classroom aids: This type of software is used for the teachers and it is easy way for the teachers to teach lessons. Here, the software will make the lesson to get print on the white board simultaneously the lesson can be observed on the desktop computers in a classroom. Thus, the teaching resembles a blackboard teaching with many enhancements.

Apart from these, there are many types of educational software which are useful like reference software (dictionary).