Statistics of Ad display in Q1: ComScore

According to ComScore’s Ad Metrix services, U.S. Internet users made a record of 1.1 trillion display ads in the Q1, which contributed to 15 percent increase during the past year. Ad expenditure in US was estimated to be $2.7 billion in Q1, but with the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) was $2.48.

Other Key statistics of report
ad serverThe report also shows top ten display ad companies shares in Q1 2010. The famous social networking site,, was in lead in all online publishers during first-quarter which was 176 billion display ad impressions representing 16.2 percent market share. Second position was occupied by Yahoo! Sites with 132 billion impressions which is 12.1 percent, followed by Microsoft Sites with 60 billion impressions which is 5.5 percent and Fox Interactive Media with 53 billion impressions which is 4.9 percent. Google occupied sixth place and has a share of ad impressions which is 2.4 percent.

List of Top ten Advertisers

  • AT&T led Verizon as the top online display advertiser in Q1 with 26.3 billion impressions, accounting for 2.4 percent of display ads.Ad servers for publishers
  • Verizon held the second position with 21.9 billion impressions, accounting for 2.0 percent in display ads.
  • Scottrade Inc. with 16.4 billion impressions, accounting for 1.5 percent in display ads.
  • Experian Interactive with 15.6 billion impressions, accounting for 1.4 percent in display ads share.
  • Sprint Nextel Corporation with 10.1 billion impressions, accounting for 0.9 percent in display ads share.