Even Phelp was not Accepted for Using Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal drug. Some of the countries are thinking to legalize it, but legalization becomes a serious problem. Most of the people get addicted because of the legalization. The cost of marijuana gets decreased because of making it legalized.

The people ,may use it thinking it as harmless drug as a result of legalization. So, the law should punish the people regarding illegal usage of Marijuana.

Micheal Phelps the famous American swimmer who got 14 gold medals in Olympics and he broke 37 world records in swimming. Phelps posed as if he was smoking marijuana. He was using a glass pipe which is used for smoking marijuana and was caught in a camera. Being a public celebrity he should not pose even as if he is smoking, as people will get inspired by seeing him.

Regarding this situation, US government reacted to it in a correct way and he was punished by US sports. Although he had not the violated the rule of anti doping, he was punished because he has disappointed the people.

So, one should not tolerate even if the celebrities or the other persons are breaking the laws. Strict rules and punishments must be imposed on the people if they use any kind of illegal drug.