Impact of jewelry on Society

Some of the people think that jewelry is the symbol of status. During the ancient period in Rome, the individuals who have higher status in the society used to wear jewelry.

By knowing about the history, you can know the importance and the usage of jewelry. During the historic times and as of now for some persons, they think the jewelry shows the wealth and identity in the society.

During the recent years also jewelry is treated as wealth and they store them in the banks, secured places in home and when the barter system was under privilege the people used to give the jewelry for getting other items. The jewelry can be used for presenting as gifts and thus they show the status.

Jewelry is also used for expressing their religion, which is shows membership qualities for a group of people. Suppose for example Christians use Crucifix, Alumini rings. Wedding can also be done using jewelry.

Depending on the countries and religions they are using jewelry as a means for wedding.