How Does Marijuana Affect Lungs?

Marijuana is one of the dangerous drugs of abuse. The main chemical in Marijuana is THC, it alters the mind’s functions. Marijuana effects the users physically and mentally causing many health problems. Users may become psychologically dependent when they use the marijuana in long term. And to get the same effect they have to use more marijuana.

Panic, anxiety and poor coordination of body parts are some of the common side effects of Marijuana. There are some immediate physical effects such as increase in heartbeat and pulse rate and blood shot eyes, and dry mouth and throat.

Lungs are major parts of the body. Marijuana creates many problems to lungs when users smoke it. When user smokes Marijuana it stays in the lungs for many days and in contact with lung tissues for long periods of time it irritates lungs and disturbs their functioning. It results in heavy coughing. Air sacs of the lungs are damaged by the marijuana smoke and it reduces the ability of the lungs to bring oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Inflammation of the bronchial tubes can be caused. There are many problems such as daily cough and phlegm production, frequent chest illness, risk lung infections, obstructed air ways, and it causes lungs cancer in the long run.

It worsens the health physically and mentally. It creates problems to your job and personal relationships. So it is better to stop using Marijuana.