What Are The Signs Of A Possible Relapse In A Person?

Addiction recovery cannot be achieved overnight and it is a long process which will continue even after a person is able to stop following addiction recovery programs. During addiction recovery, a person can be at a risk of suffering a relapse. When this happens, a person may start to abuse the same substance, or different substances, which caused the initial addiction.

There are warning signs which indicate a relapse may be inevitable. By identifying these signs, and taking proper steps to re-enter addiction recovery programs before the relapse happens, a person can prevent destruction that has been achieved at the time of initial addiction recovery period.

One sign which a relapse may be about to happen is a person turning back into old habits like lying to or cheating loved ones and others, and also convincing oneself that things are not degenerating back to how they were. When this happens, it will be correct time to again take help from addiction recovery programs.

Frustration caused due to time frame in which recovery efforts are happening is another sign which relapse may occur. A person may think that because the carving for drugs are still there, and there are still effects being felt due to the initial addiction, and addiction recovery programs are not working.

Good drug treatment centers will identify that relapse can occur. So, they continue to provide addiction recovery programs which will address relapse situations.