All about Astrophotography

Photography has a vital role in astronomy. Observational astrology can be carried only at night times, which restricts the available time to only 12 hours. So in order to utilize the rest of the day astronomers take photograph of the sky during the day. This may sound a bit professional but it is not so. Amateur can take successful photographs and do the same or keep them as memories. Man has always been fascinated by the heavens. Man has gazed in admiration at the stars, planets, nebulae, and commits which twinkle in the night sky. And with his camera he has also captured the wonderful images of these beautiful resources. You can also do it. All that you need is camera, film, tripod and a release cable. A camera with different shutter speed and aperture is required. For this, a SLR (Single lens reflector) camera is on optimum choice. Films are classified according to their sensitivity to light usually referred as speed of the film. It is given in the form of ASA or ISO number (30,60,100,125,200,400,800,1600,3200). More the number the higher the speed it has. But high-speed films are grainers. An ISO 400 film will be the best choice for beginners. A black & white film is prepared over a colored film while photographing the star. A tripod is needed f or long exposure photographs and a release cable helping clicking photographs without actually touching the camera. Thus preventing the vibration set up by our hands.