Everyone Can’t Make Friends Easily

Some people have an opinion being alone is a good experience. Some people feel very embarrassing in speaking to the strangers and they have only few friends but they want to make friends. Making friends is simple for one who can speak to strangers as if she is speaking to a friend, but for some it is very difficult. The following are few steps, which helps in making friends.

If you want to make friends, the first thing you should be comfortable in a group and spend more time around the people. Joining in a club with people who have common interests, helps you to make it easier to start a conversation and planning activities together. While talking to the people try to make contact and smile, start conversation relating to anything, which is light and cheerful.

Introduce yourself to the people with whom you are talking. Take an initiative for making the other person comfortable with speech and try express your hobbies but don’t pressure them to talk or to listen.

For becoming a good friend who should spend quality time, be reliable and be a good listener than good speaker. Once you accept the person as your friend you should be trustworthy and be there for her in both happy and sad moments.

Last but not the least, choose friends wisely i.e., don’t make friends blindly.