How to Say Goodbye to Your Best Friend That Is Moving

Giving sendoff to a close pal is painful. Especially, if he or she is very close to you like as your parents or siblings. Last month I gave send off to one of my roommates. He was moved to Chicago apartments. These are the some tips to say goodbye to your best friend when he or she vacating the room. Whenever you find out he or she is going to move from your room try to spend every moment with them, do things that your friend likes to do even if you don’t. Never blame their parents because they may get better job or transfer. You can arrange dinner for both the families together, if their apartment is near to your apartment.

Give a good farewell party to him and give a greeting card or create a special present for her/him to remember you. It can be a photo album of pictures of you two or a poem you wrote for him/her or what every time you think of that would mean a lot to your best friend forever. Keep in touch with them even you have new friends. Be sure to tell your friend that you will love them forever. If you two were really attached, then it may be good that you tell her/him that you’ll call them everyday or every other day, every weekend, and so on.