Paleontologist Faces Theft Charges For His Discovery

There are many great people in the world whose greatness isn’t given proper identity. It is OK. It may happen to anyone, and people are used to it.

But what if those people face conviction due to their inventions or discoveries? Very insane, isn’t it?

We have here a similar case of some paleontologist who was convicted on theft charges for his great discovery on dinosaurs.

Mr. Murphy is very famous for his fossil hunts and discoveries. He was a team member of a team, which found two beautiful fossils of duckbills, which were named Roberta and Elvis. In 2000, he was the leader of the team which found a 77-million-year-old duckbill, the only fossil of an herbivore found undamaged along with its eaten meals. He later named it as Leonardo.

His recent discovered fossil was of a raptor, which he found in October 2006 and took it to the Dinosaur Field Station to X-Ray it. But the Montana law enforcement officials filed a lawsuit against this act. They said that the fossil was found four years earlier; and belongs to someone else. Let’s see what happens to Mr. Murphy in this case.