Hike in Salaries of Tech People By 4.6 Percent

Who said that the tech industry is in chaos and is into nothing but laying-off those thousands of employees, which they hired during good times? If it is the actual case with the tech industry, it would not have hiked the salaries of its employees in so big numbers.

According to a survey conducted by tech career site Dice.com, the average salaries of tech employees spiked up by 4.6 percent last year. The average salary of tech professional for now is estimated to be $78,035.

These hikes were in case of all the positions ranging from security analysts to software engineers. In 2008, the average salary of security analysts have spiked by 8.4 percent. In the case of soft ware engineers, it is 7 percent. And the application developers saw a hike of 6.6 percent in their salaries.

And these salaries hikes have occurred at the same time where the friends of these professionals have been issued pink slips.

So what’s the moral of this story? Business or no business…talented people will do well in any situation.