“Banning Cell Phones While Driving”: Does It Work?

A safety council is advocating a total ban on cell phone usage while driving. I don’t know whether it works out with people. People are so addicted to these electronic devices, that they can’t keep their mobiles shut down till they stop driving. And simultaneously they don’t want to pull down a car to attend the call.

This very behavior of people is a major threat to the safety of people coming out on roads. It is estimated that there are 270 million cell phone users in US, of which 80 percent of them can’t help themselves attending their call while driving.

At the same time, CTIA, The Wireless Association, opposes the proposal to a complete ban. It said that there are some safety ways that can help the driver to attend a call safely while driving. The question is how much viable are these safety ways and how many are following them?