Google Turns 10 Years and Wants to Give You a Big Amount

Google was created 10 years ago, this month to organize the entire world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. At present, Google is something more than a search engine.

It was a small garage, some where in Menlo park of California, where this people started Google. And now it is one of the world’s most recognized brands. No wonder Google boasts its success of nearly $17bn (£9bn) annual revenues, profits of roughly $5bn (£2bn), growth of 35% and a worldwide workforce of over 19,000 full time employees. 70% of online search and 40% of online advertising is from Google. And it celebrates its birthday in a grand way with around $10 million budget. This money will be used to implement an idea to help the world. This project, according to Google, is called as Project 10 the 100th, the meaning of Google. Any body can participate in this project with their grand idea on how to change the world or how to help the world. Your idea must be submitted to Google by October 20th. Then all the ideas will be held on display for voting till January 27th 2009. An advisory board selects top 5 ideas then if your idea gets selected…I leave it to yourself.