The Top 10 Things without Which Common Man Couldn’t Live

Necessity is the Mother of invention. This was the basic principle on which all the gadgets around you were built. And some of these inventions/discoveries mingled with our daily life so much that we feel it hard to survive without them. People just can’t imagine life without them. I take this great step to present top 10 of them before you.

Lets start with the starting the day right. What do you want to have when you get up? Coffee or tea? I am talking about a common man with his daily routine. So people, with having those fancy stuff like fruit juice, please don’t bother.

Then tooth brush, and then a soap. People don’t like dirty beings roaming with them. So, for now I covered 3 things. Next, your dress…it should be well ironed to make you look a true gentle man/woman; and then your shoes, probably. What next? A vehicle of course and some fuel in it. List looks to get expanded a little. So I’ll close this with list main things. Bulb for light at night. A lighter/match-box for fire. And last but not the least, a good bed to sleep peacefully after a full day work.